Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Year's Resolutions.....

Have you already broken your New Year's resolutions? Just a rhetorical question really......I'm still developing mine. My newest venture is snowboarding which I think is a lot of fun. I haven't gotten the whole stopping thing down, so I just fall down. I actually conquered my fear of the chair lift, so hey I'm well on my way to getting a sponsor....right? I am just really trying to work on being a better person overall. Let's face it I have lot's to do. But not to worry the task isn't too daunting! I hope that we can all persevere and greet 2006 with our best game face!! Bring it!!

Kindergarten rocks!

I miss my little kindergarten students, we had a lot of fun together. Kind of funny that now I am teaching sixth grade. Night and day really!!!


Seoul Flashbacks....

Ah yes.....life in the big city. I have to admit life in Provo seems isolated in comparison!

Posing it up in Park City.....

Christy, Gaby, and I went clubbing in Park City for New Year's Eve. It was a lot of fun....lot's of hot boys that wanted that New Year's Eve kiss....what's a girl to do?

She looks so innocent...........

Gaby is one of my gal pals that I hang out with in SLC. Don't ask her about New Year's Eve.....it's a secret!

Christmas cuddles!

Can you feel the love? I think we girls need to get together sometime soon.....maybe a cruise this summer?

Can I go pro yet?

Kaya and I had a great time ice skating over christmas break. She picked it right up, and would tow me around the ice rink. I am a chicken at heart though and would let go of her hand if she was going too fast. YIKES!!!

No autographs....please

Haircut anyone?

Shane is playing up his law student look with the shaggy I don't care look....

Can I say GQ?

Photo ops are so much fun!

Santa's little helpers!

The girls are having a dress rehearsal christmas eve, for their big debut......

Christmas Cuties!

Kaya and Elizabeth are sparkling more than the tree behind us in their cute christmas dresses. I hope Melissa will get a shot of Jacob in his little outfit, I didn't get to take one of the little man!

Who da man?

Troy is pretty camera shy so here is one of the only shots of my younger bro over christmas break. Ladies.....he's single!

Did we plan this ahead of time?

I love that Rachel showed up to Dad's house wearing turqouise just like me! Aren't we just sassy?

Christmas cheer!

All I can say is one word....WOW!

Elizabeth matchn her new "patch"

Sorry, I'm finally posting some christmas pics! Enjoy....