Friday, July 21, 2006

Beautiful day at Doughnut Falls...

Here's some pics of Doughnut Falls. Steve and I had a lot of fun getting up the rocks in our flip flops! We got a little wet, but felt adventurous. The pic of the flowers are some flowers that Steve picked for me while we were there, I thought they deserved a photo op! I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did taking them.....^^

Exploring in Big Cottonwood Canyon.....

It is really beautiful up here! There were so many trees it reminded me of Washington. We had a lot of fun on our casual "walk" in the mountains.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Fun at the zoo! SLC!

It was really fun to see Becca, we had fun catching up. I miss her already!

Livin la vida loca!

Salt Lake City Bees Game!

I love Seattle!

Seattle by Sea

I love all of these water pics, you can see gasworks park, the Freemont bridge,and of course the sillouhette of Seattle cascaded by various sailboats...

Sweet Shot of unknown Seattle art.....

Summer in Seattle!

Gaby was very excited to be able to explore Seattle with me this summer, Rachel was a great hostess! You have to go to Ivar's the chowder (smoked salmon) and fish and chips is pretty amazing. Just keep an eye out for overweight seagulls!