Thursday, November 08, 2007

Coming soon to a hospital in April....Baby Noah!

We were overwhelmed by everyones votes on our poll! Boy votes ended up pulling in the lead. We had our ultra sound appointment this afternoon. It seemed like days until 2:15 p.m. Luckily, Steven knew the ultra-sound specialist, and she was very cool. She checked his brain, heart, spine, and even counted his fingers and toes. So far our little wonder is a healthy baby! He was very active when we were taking various glam shots...and he gave us the "rock on!" sign with his little hands. Very cool. His feet are still very tiny about 3 cm long, but they look so perfect! Steven is ecstatic that our first baby is a boy, and I am too!! I hope you can see the pics, they are alot clearer than the first ultrasound that we posted. We can barely wait until April 8th for baby Noah to arrive...^^

Here is baby Noah looking at the camera....I promise I'm having a human baby....not (Ahem...Steven!) an alien!

Baby Noah's little eensy weensy!

Sorry, it's taking forever to post these pics so hopefully a couple will hold you over until April 8th..... you'll get to see little Noah in person soon anyway....^^