Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I need a hug!

I feel that most of the world's problems could be solved by hugging. Today for example, even though I'm really really exhausted and running on only a few hours of sleep I know I would feel better if I could just have a big hug!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Experiencing the joys of teaching!

This could be any of my adorable pre-teens in my sixth grade class. It takes a special person to be a sixth grade "lifer"!

Today we had an earthquake drill. My response to such a situation was surprising. As I am sitting underneath my desk covering my head I thought to myself, "Ahhh, it is so cool and peaceful under my desk, too bad we can't have more of these!" I really do love teaching but I have a couple of students today that almost got me to lose it and say something I would definitely regret. I think that most teacher's develop "think time" in other classrooms when it could be more appropriately "You better go to another classroom while all of your body parts are still properly attached!" Not that I am a violent person by nature, but some of these sixth graders really no how to push my buttons! Good thing I have yoga tonight!!^^

Friday, May 25, 2007

Memoirs of an insomniac...........

It's getting late,
For my bed I will wait,
Sitting comfy on my couch,
In Steven's hoody I slouch,
My eyes feel heavy and scratchy,
Yet I feel torn,
Should I stay up and finish a flick?
Or should I snuggle up in my bed,
Staring at the walls...books unread,
I suppose I could count sheep instead,
I need a late night hobby,
Something to quiet my mind,
No more thinking about my to do list,
I should close my eyes and dream,
Can't stop the wheels that turn,
Perhaps it is time to adjourn,
I will embrace my comfy bed,
I guess I could lay down my head,
I can cuddle with "Cookie" my favorite bear,
Maybe I can be like Shane and twirl my hair, that's defnitely it,
A cup of hot chocolate could be the ticket,
Soothing and sweet marshmellowy treat,
Call Steven at work and wish him good night,
I settle back in my covers with a slow smile,
Time to turn out the light.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Remnants of Spring............

I love finding beautiful random tree's, here is one at Sugarhouse park.....

I'm by no means National Geographic quality yet!

Beautiful spring day in Salt Lake City!

Finally, Utah is beginning to thaw's a miracle!

Great shot of the Salt Lake temple by the husby....

For the record these pics were taken some time in April, but I'm having issues with my i-photo compatability with our fabulous Casio camera. I found these pics in the January folder, so who knows what is really going on! I'm open to suggestions! My friend knows computer's so I will await her brilliant tips, and hopefully my frusterations will be over soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Estaban Blanco es mi amor........

This post is dedicated to my love, Steven Ivan White:

When I look into your eyes I see forever,
Being by your side always together,
I love to make you laugh and squirm and giggle,
I can't stop the urge to tickle!
You bring out the best in me,
Seeing something I couldn't see,
Renewing my faith,
My hopes in eternity,
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the happiness inside,
One look gives me butterflies!
Each day that goes by,
You amaze me with your love,
The kindness of your words so tender and sweet,
Always trying to show me the world is at my feet,
I don't know if I will ever be able to convince,
That to me you are my greatest gift,
My heart is yours, and all my dreams have come true,
That summer night when I smiled at you.

**The photo has been changed per request.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Well this weekend Steven took me to a driving range to learn how to hit the ball great distances! At first it felt really strange and my wrists were sore from yoga balancing, then he explained that I use my torso to power through my shot. "ah ha!" I thought to myself. Hip action is definitely something I can relate to. Probably because mom listened to lots of Elvis when she was pregnant! So it turns out I might take after Grammy Jo and become a golfing fiend. Once I was able to do the hippy shake, and keep my eye on the ball I was able to hit the ball about 100-150 yards. I think it's funny....because I'm forever telling Steven that I'm the only non-athlete of the fam. Next weekend my friends and I are going to go to a driving range and work on our putting and driving so that we can try a real golf course soon. I do think I want my own set of clubs and gloves though, my delicate little hands acquired blisters from my brief stint on Friday night. I loved it! I really thought about my Grammy Jo and how much she loved to be in the sunshine golfing! This ones for you Grammy Jo!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My latest adventures.......

Well I started my all out fitness goals. I really have always wanted to try Yoga and I also was really excited to start tennis up again and kick boxing. I also want to learn how to golf this summer and continue to practice my rock climbing adventures. So as most of you know I never have been good at going half way on something. Fitness is of course no exception! The other day I began with a feverish excitement at all I am going to do. I started off at the gym doing my stomach crunches, then lunges. After that I headed to the park for an hour of roller blading. I may have mentioned to many of you that I love roller blading at liberty park because it is a good ride, and extremely flat. However, I removed my brakes from my roller blades, so I really have to time getting off the sidewalk onto the ramp perfectly. So I was ending my last lap as a SUV was approaching I decided to increase my speed so that I could make it down and to my car. I guess I didn't really think my approach plan out very clearly I timed it to miss the SUV perfectly.....but I didn't realize that I was going way to fast as I approached my car I decided that I would just keep going towards it, and I would put out my arms to stop myself. Well I definitely made contact! I slammed so hard into the side of my car that I bounced off and landed turtle style on my tooshi! I was a little banged up, but nothing too bad. I had a good laugh at my lack of grace or anything close to skill. But don't think that I let that stop me! I went back to the gym with a friend, and we did a 15 minute super ab class, followed by an hour of yoga! I really didn't think much of it, except that when I woke up yesterday I felt like my body was no longer composed of various muscle groups, but every inch felt like tightly wound rubber bands. But as they pain no gain right?^^

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day Mamacita!

This post is dedicated to my mamacita:

When I was just a young girl,
I always looked up to you,
To me you were everything that I wanted to be,
You had the voice of an angel,
A smile that lit up a room,
Your impersonations and funny jokes,
They would make me giggle and laugh,
You taught me to work hard by example,
Mowing lawns and hauling wood,
Not the typical woman,
Cause my mamacita always forged her own path,
Never afraid to try something new,
Her fiery spirit never broken,
Always willing to forgive,
Teaching us kindness and how to live,
Never expecting much in return,
Just hoping that her children could find happiness,
I know because of her my life is truly blessed,
Sometimes I didn't understand why you had to face,
So much adversity, struggle, and pain,
I realize now your quiet strength,
Choosing love when it is so easy to hate,
Your sacrifices seem to go unnoticed,
But they are written on my heart,
You are my mother,
Someone I will always look up to,
My hero and friend,
Even though I no longer live in a room down the hall,
I feel close to you,
I love your unconquerable spirit,
I am thankful for the gifts you have given me,
I hope I can live my life in such a way,
That will show you that your teachings didn't miss their mark,
I will carry that same spark to my own family one day,
You will always have a special place in my heart,
Saying I love you doesn't seem to express,
All that I want to say,
Even though it seems cliche,
I'll say it anyway,
Happy Mothers Day!

Ps. Of course I realize that this comes one day early, but really we should be celebrating mother's day all year long, right?^^

Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's all about conquering your fears!

Well Steven took me along to get my feet wet and give climbing a go! I was rather reluctant at first due to the fact that I am extremely afraid of heights. We went with some of his friends and their ladies. Which I admit I found even more intimidating since they had all gone climbing before. My fears in no particular order were A) I would be overcome with fear and start to cry
B) I would pass out and they would have to climb up to lower my limp body C) I would wet my pants, and those below would feel the effects! D) All of the above happening simultaneously. Ok.....maybe I tend to be a little dramatic. So I insisted on going last, so that I could watch everyones technique, but Steven knew I was just trying to buy time. So it was finally my turn to go. I had to reach up with my leg to this hold that was pretty much "go go Gadget legs" so I was really having a hard time convincing my body that we wouldn't fall to a most certain death....(it felt like hours had passed) I developed a charlie horse. Steven at that point said," It's o.k. to quit Dena, you can come down..." For those readers that know me well his words which were meant to be tender just spurred me on. In my head I could feel myself saying," Oh yeah?" I enjoyed the challenge of finding good holds and taking the risk of stepping out onto tiny holds. When all was over and done I knew why Steven loves climbing so much. You face your overcome an obstacle...and you feel that you accomplished something amazing. I don't know that I will ever be as agile or strong as some; but it felt pretty cool to be on top of the world for a moment....

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What is happiness?

I woke up this morning rather early to call in to get my subbing straightened out. So now I can't fall back asleep! I sit and contemplate the meaning of happiness with the following thoughts:

What is happiness?
Is it the bliss of Steven's good morning kiss?
I have seen it in a newborn's face,
I can feel it's warmth from the sun's reflective gaze,
I feel it when I kneel to pray,
I have heard it in my sister's voice,
Some say they can find it in something tangible,
Like a trendy purse, or a pair of vintage converse,
I haven't found fulfillment in material things,
I suppose I am a simple girl,
I find joy in the blue sky,
Feeling the wind on my face,
Seeing a gorgeous sunset.....painted it seems just for me,
The taste of a cream-sicle on a warm summer day,
I find I could wake up every morning with a smile on my lips,
With the love of my family, my God, and good friends,
I guess I will feel fulfillment if I have been grateful for everything I have been given,
It's not so much living day to day,
But trying to share your love with those that need it most,
I know it's crazy to think that happiness is a simple recipe,
I'm just a simple girl,
I know I will always be,
One who is grateful for the ocean's majesty,
I look at my memories as pearls in my minds treasure chest,
I know that happiness is within everyone's grasp,
It comes from reaching out,
Lending a listening ear,
Trying to step outside of selfishness,
Quieting the voices that say "It can't be done",
Always pushing myself to be a little better,
So that in the quiet moments as I reflect,
I realize that happiness can truly abound,
If love is found.