Friday, December 30, 2005

Who is officer #9285?

Who is officer #9285? Not that I will ever find out! I'm sure that all of the parking officers in the city of Provo are under some sort of witness protection plan. Dangers of the job and all that............I'm sure I'm not the lone voice of one who has been wronged by officer #9285.

Officer #9285

Well it's only 8am but I'm experiencing hot blooded hatred towards officer #9285. While vacationing in Seattle, this friend to the community ticketed my Honda not once but twice for expired registration, when I had my temporary permit in clear view which states I'm legally registered until January 17th of 2006. I wasn't aware that Provo was so desperate for "officers" that they resorted to hiring members of the blind community!!! I mean pays attention to details.........definitely something that officer #9285 can't attach to any sort of resume. When my roommate said the fine might be REDUCED I laughed out loud. REDUCED? I think not! I expect that officer #9285 drop all fines due to his lack of complete regard for my christmas holiday. What a grinch, who gives out tickets on Christmas Eve Eve anyway? But I digress, perhaps poor officer #9285 was born with some sort of impediment that made him completely unable to hold a job, and out of sheer desperation he became a ticketing agent for the beloved city of Provo! But....maybe I am overreacting, wait I know what you are thinking "you...overreact?" I know I know no one in my family overreacts! LOL. Well I have left messages for the parking officers of Provo, and submitted my evidence to their complete farce of a ticket. I'm hoping that none of these guys are ex-boyfriends, or I'm definitely screwed! So here's to hoping that once I'm back in Provo they haven't towed my car!!! Well one can help me but officer #9285 who I have just spent a few moments spewing bad charma in his direction. However I really bare him no ill will. I wish him many happy afternoons behind a desk processing all of the self-created paperwork that he can enjoy for hours on end. Should officer #9285 and I meet on some twist of fate, I hope that I will give him a clean right hook for all provo residents that have suffered the injustice of wrongful parking tickets and ludicrous fines. Stick it to the man!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Hey everyone! I'm hungry, so after watching Memoirs of a Geisha (excellent flic!) I should probably have a snack or something. I am flying back to Utah tomorrow. I had a great christmas, but I am still looking into buying my Ipod nano soon. I get bored at the gym watching bad cable, so I'm hoping that good music will inspire me to reach that six minute mile. Yeah right! Well good night for now. I hope your New Year's Eve will be fabulous!

Sleeping Beauty

Look at those lashes! Elizabeth is the sweetest sleeper. This morning after our "Auntie Day" Elizabeth woke me up with a smile, and sweetly asked if I had slept allright! She is such a character!!!! I look forward to many "Auntie Days" to come!

My girls..........

These two dynamos are the bestest!!!!! Kaya and Elizabeth are my little neices and I loved seeing them over my christmas break. We have a mutual love for fashion and fun. These two little fashioneista's love to accessorize!

Tough love.....

Try not to comment on the awesome lines. I fell asleep in the sun, and was rewarded with these hot tan lines. Me and my sisters are definitely top model material! We are at Seattle Pacific University where Rachel plays volleyball.

Are we really related?

Here is a pic of me and my younger sister Rachel. I would say little sister.....but I'll let the pic speak for itself! We are chillen at Pike Place Market. Here are some flowers that we bought for all of the special ladies in our family.

Ah yeah! Pike Place Market.....

I love being in Seattle, the fresh smells at Pike Place, and all of the surroundings truly assault the senses. I love it!

Crabs anyone?

I love the local seafood that you can get here! You all know how how I am with seafood, but Seattle has the best fresh fish!

Nice view!

I wouldn't mind traveling by ferry everyday! Too bad it's just me and my Honda for now!

Seattle......home sweet home!

I am playing in Seattle with my sister Rachel. I love being close to the water!

Can I buy a vowel?

Here they are.....they sure are energetic!! You'd think they would be tired after already going to school ALL day. We are having fun on our last day posing for the camera.

Teaching in Seoul.......

My students were a fun group. This is a pic of just one of the many classes that I taught in Seoul. Why do they look so happy that this was my last day? Ha ha


I was a young women's teacher in my ward in Seoul, here is the young woman in my class, Malgum, she is an awesome girl.

Friends posing it up in Seoul!

This was my last Sunday in Seoul, I'm standing with my friends Minsun and Jihan Joo. They just got married, hopefully the happy couple is loving life!

Korea's celebration

My friend Ung Yong and I looking hot for our photo debut. We just got done with Korea's church celebration at the Olympic stadium. The dancing was pretty hot!

Parade in Insadong, Korea

I was lucky to get so many great shots, it was raining earlier in the day, but it cleared up just long enough for me to take some of these pics!

Little drummer boy

These guys are amazing! I loved watching the drum dance, these guys are pretty talented.

Beauty abounds

Another great fan dance shot. I love their amazing costumes!

Fans are Insadong!

I love this shot. I was shopping when there was a random parade and fan dance in Insadong. I thought the colors were amazing.

I find myself thinking of tranquility....

Here's just one of the many shots I took while living in Korea. It really is an amazing place to live!

Girl Power

BYU co-eds re-unite!! Me and the girls livin it up. They look so innocent in this pic, but watch out things could get a little crazy!!

Korean Hottie, what what!

Hahaha. This is Rachel posting while Dena squeals in the background. Wa ha ha.

Baseball in Seoul

This is me posing it up at a stadium in Seoul. It was a blast! I highly recommend checking out a game if you are ever in Seoul. Baseball isn't as popular in Korea as soccer, but it's definitely fun to watch.

The New Year Approacheth......

I am posting this blog as a promise to countless friends and family that have challenged me to entrench myself in the modern world! Today I'm reflecting on the close of my christmas holiday.......I still have a few precious days left but still it seems like time off goes by much quicker than I would like. Well it has been a busy six months. I got back from Seoul in September and moved to Provo Utah two weeks after that. I was able to get a job teaching sixth grade and I'm lovin life. I will probably be moving to Salt Lake in the summer so for now....provo is stuck with me and that's that!!!