Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm a happy boy....specially after a good lunch!

Noah fought eating baby food until he was 10 months old. He ate baby food for about a month and now he is eating big boy food. He really loves to eat homemade macaroni, yogurt, and grilled cheese sandwiches. He doesn't care much for carrots. He is having his year old check up next month. I just weighed him a couple of days ago and he weighed in at 18 pounds. I decided he needs to chubb up, so I have started feeding him waffles for breakfast. He loves them of course!

Family Pics From My January Trip To Seattle.....

Here are some of the only pics that I was able to take in Seattle. Sorry there aren't pics of everyone! If we can afford it, hopefully I will be back in the summer for Rachel's farewell. I promise to be a picture snapping fiend.

I luv my Auntie Rachel!

I was at a chili cook-off with my mama. She said it was too spicy for my young tummy! Uncle Troy had to eat lots of chili and corn bread to decide who had the best. Aunti Rachel and I had lots of fun....can't you tell? Mama didn't take very many pictures on our trip to see her family in Seattle. I had a lot of fun playing with Kaya and Elizabeth. I was really excited to play with Riley and Boots too! I slept through my visits with Papa B and Kong Ju. It was past my bedtime! While mama got her haircut I got to play with my Auntie Melissa and Jacob. I hope we can come back to Seattle really soon.

Never before seen Halloween Pics of Noah!

Ok, I realize that I haven't been the best blogger, so you are going to see some photo's that havent' ever been posted. I thought it was cute the Norah was also a pea in a pod for Halloween. Too bad I don't know how to photo shop them together! I hope you enjoy the pics! Kudos!