Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finally I'm blogging as promised....this one's for you Tres!!

Enjoy these pics of Noah, sorry that it has literally been forever since I have posted!!! These were taken in the middle of October of 2009, man he looks so different from last October's pics! Noah is still quite the peanut he weighs 21 pounds, but my pediatrician promised that toddlers can be very picky eaters. My policy is butter on everything, and cookies for snacks. No seriously!! I have kept busy with tutoring, and I've been subbing here and there to earn extra money. Steven is about to finish his second semester of PA school in the middle of December, we are counting down the days. His program is pretty rigorous with a big test every Monday. Talk about stress......but we know the didactic phase (classes) only last until August of 2010, and then he will start rotations. We are very excited that Grammy Pammy has moved to Bountiful, Noah is getting spoiled with all the love of having two Grandma's that live so close! He loves playing with Riley, Grammy Pammy's beagle. Noah is talking up a storm, he can say a few sentences or phrases like, "I did it!", "Mama make ba ba," and lots of other cute words. Whenever we ask him if he loves us, he usually says no. Which is hilarious, because "NO!" has been his favorite word for at least a few months. He also will say "Nite, nite," "Bye bye", "bright light", and too many more to mention. His favorite toy is trains of any kind, and Elmo. He loves to watch Thomas the Train video's and bounce up and down in his rocker yelling "Choo choo!". Overall, I'm loving being his mommy, and it's fun to see him grow every day. There is a little bit of snow on the ground from yesterday, and I'm recovering from the flu. So really you guys should be impressed that I'm doing this with a headache and feeling basically crummy! I know a thousand violins are playing all over the world I'm sure~! Well I will strive to blog more than once a year!! I love you guys!!!