Thursday, April 26, 2007

Plea from the masses: Top Ten Reasons Mom Should Join The Blogging Community

This post is directed towards my dear, beautiful, mamacita. I have come to plead my case, I am currently on my knee's BEGGING you to buy a digital camera and do your own blog. #1 I love seeing pictures of home #2 I would love to see more pictures of YOU #3 Although you feel your life isn't exciting it is a great way to keep a daily journal of events accompanied with pics for your growing posterity to enjoy #4 I would be ecstatic to see daily to weekly pics of my nieces and nephew that reside locally in your vicinity #5 Said neices and nephews could type postings to their growing and adoring audience of family that enjoys their zest for life and highly entertaining qoutes (E: "I've been waiting for this (polly pocket doll) for my whole life!") #6 Boots and Fred could get some free publicity and show the world that cats and dogs can live peacefully if given the opportunity #7 You could FINALLY purchase new swimwear since you will be posting pics of your lake adventures #8 You would receive postings daily on what a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, and generous mother you are! #9 Blogging would add a new dimension of excitement to your life, because you would no longer only be posting comments, but getting them as well.....Oooh La la! #10 If I can blog anyone can! If you support my plea to Mamacita, please post a comment stating your stance! Think about could really change your life!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thirty's all downhill from here!^^

Tonight we went to a Bee's baseball game, we live about 5 minutes from the stadium. They played the Tacoma Raniers, and Tacoma lost by one run! DOH!!! I need to learn not to bet Steven at sporting events. It was a lot of fun, we had pizza at a place called Big Kahuna's pizza. I thought it was a great place. We had a lot of fun, I just wish that Utah would start to heat up, it's almost May, and I am still waiting for the spring thaw! I will be going off track on Friday, but I will probably end up subbing on my break to earn some extra money. I'm so glad that I will be teaching third grade next year, sixth graders can be a rough group. Thanks to everyone who called me on my birthday, if you left a message I think I got back to everyone......I am now officially in my thirties. I'm excited to continue celebrating my birthday throughout the year. My birthday was pretty quiet, but it was really nice. Steven took me to dinner at the "Melting Pot" a really great fondue restaurant. Steven baked me a yummy chocolate cake, and gave me a dozen red roses. He also gave me several bottles of bubble bath, and a ipod converter so that I can listen to my ipod in my car. It was really a memorable birthday, my first one as a married woman......I feel so grown up!!!
Hopefully my birthday wish will come true soon...I will keep you posted!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Enjoying the sights of Isla Mujeres....

We are stopping off for some lunch and you can see the setting is pretty pituresque! We had some amazing fresh fish grilled on a barbecue on the beach seasoned with chili's....WOW! The view was pretty good Estaban?

Buried Piwate Tweasure........

This is just a fun picture we took with some actors that do a pirate shore in the bay! The picture of Steven and I is being posted mainly due to the fact that "Estaban Blanco es MUI CALIENTE!"

J'adore La Isla Mujeres!

This was one of the great ideas while we were in Cancun! The Isla Mujeres is a real hot bed of activity for snorkeling and just enjoying the sandy beaches. Oh yeah, and watch out for sharks!

Exploring the Isla Mujeres

This was so beautiful! We enjoyed the beautiful beaches here, and the gorgeous turqouise water!

Reflections of Cancun..

The view from the second place we stayed in Cancun, called "M.E. Cancun". I don't know if the name is an underlying barb towards the self absorbed touristas that stay in Cancun.... But.......whatever! I will try to post more pics of our adventures in Cancun! We hope you enjoy the photo's!!

Horseback riding in the vast jungle of Cancun!

Horseback riding to me is always a double edged sword. While I really have always enjoyed horseback riding, I don't understand why such establishments only allow the riders to experience the ride with an elderly horse who is allowed to keep working in it's twilight years vs. the glue factory? I feel guilty that I am even riding it, when it should be basking in a green pasture munching on delicious cool apples. Why are young horses kept from eager riders who enjoy a good gallop? The highlight of this day was definitely racing in the arena. You will have to ask Estaban who won that......^^

Mayan Marvels

Sorry there are so many pictures of the ruins, but this was definitely the most notable tour we took in Cancun!

Architecture marvels....

We found this part of the tour very interesting. Apparently ancient Mayans would crush rocks, and then add a sticky gum tree mixture, and then put the pillars up out in the sun to dry. They were very inventive builders for their time!

Mayan ruins of Mexico!

These pics really don't do this justice. We highly recommend everyone going to see these ruins. They are breathtaking. We wish we could have spent more time exploring!

Viva Cancun!

These are a few pics that we took of the view from our balcony. The pic of Steven is at a closed down hotel. We were just goofing off while waiting for our bus to continue on our journey that day towards Chitzen Itza and the ruins that awaited us!