Sunday, September 28, 2008

Better Late Than Never! Nora's Baby Blessing

I'm worn out! Let's take a nap Daddy!

Nora looks so cute in her blessing dress!

I think that Nora needs a hug, right Mama?

Nora is so cute, she sleeps like an angel.....we're alot alike huh Mama?

Where's Nora? I'm ready to play......

Aren't we a little young to be holding hands Mama?

I'm not a professional model yet Mama......don't push it!

Thanks for letting us visit Nora, we love you!

We had so much fun this summer being able to attend Nora's baby blessing. Noah loved being around so many kids and babies! A big thanks to Whitney and Shane for being such great hosts. It was great to see everyone!

Adam's Falls Here We Come!

Mama, I love the mountains in Colorado!

Such pretty falls, the water sure is cold!

Wow! That's all I can say Daddy!

I've got a pretty good thing going, Huh?

I wish I could swim in the river!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who says white boys can't move?

I'm on the move.....roger that Mama?

I know you are a sucker for my big blue eyes mama!

Just call me speed racer.......I love to crawl!

Watch out world, I am on the move!

Ready, set, crawl!

Don't mind the drool, I am teething after all!

Can I please have the keys to your car Mama?

I love tasting all of my toys, this frog tastes like chicken!

Noah is pretty spry when it comes to honing in on all power outlets, plugs or anything else off limits. He's quite the daredevil, you really have to be watching him very carefully. The other day he did a dive off of the bed. Luckily no bones were broken, and no goose egg! We are happy that he is developing so well and just such a happy little guy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One huge moose in our backyard at the cabin!

This moose was just chilling one morning at the cabin!

Now that's what I call relaxation!

Please feel free to come visit us again, Mr. Moose!

The mighty Colorado river.....ain't it purty?

Fabulous views of the river while Steven was fly fishing

Some pretty spectacular views from the Colorado river

I wish I could have finally caught a fish...just once!

So crazy that clouds can leave a shadow on the mountains!

Some local Colorado elk grazing on the mountainside

Fishing at Sun Valley Lake......

Yeah! Daddy caught a fish on Sun Valley Lake!

Wow! I didn't realize that we could paddle through the clouds!

I love this place.....everywhere I look there is something cool to see!

What a great day spent fishing! I can't wait to catch my first fish Daddy!

Hollywood here I come!

Helloo peeps, don't even try to imitate me!

I'd say things are definitely looking up, wouldn't you?

What can I say I'm gorgeous, and you are?

What you talkin bout Willis?

Thanks to Grammy Pammy for the fun sunglasses. He was really amused playing with them. I didn't realize that they would taste so good. But then again, since he has two teeth coming in, pretty much everything gets shoved in his cute lil mouth! We will have to try them out on one of our ventures to the park!

Scrub a dub dub, it's Noah in his tub!

I love taking a bath much more than eating carrots!

Surrounded by bubbles and my rubber ducky.......

What can I say, I love bubble baths more than Mommy!

Ahem! You missed my baby toe Mama!

I don't want to get out yet! I'm not wrinkley enough!

I hate carrots, Mama!

Why do you keep trying to feed me vegetables?

Ok, one word for you.....YUCKY!!!

I would much rather eat a fudge sundae......

I've had enough carrots I assure you!

I have been trying to get Noah to eat baby food, and he usually ends our fun feeding sessions by trying to wipe his mouth out with his bib. Definitely his signature move. I might try him on fruit next week. I thought these pictures really capture Noah at his finer moments.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hiking up to Catherine Pass.......

Phew! The view was definitely worth those fun switchbacks!

Daddy and I are chillin, I don't know why he's tired I did all of the work!

Ah yes the path is peppered with beautiful wild flowers, too bad

mommy can't pick any of them legally!

What a beautiful hike! I loved the amazing scenery........

So sweet of Daddy to bend down so that I could smell the flowers!