Wednesday, June 20, 2007 one and only!

With you I can climb the highest mountains,
I can reach out and touch the stars,
Your smile lights up my darkest days,
And fill up my loneliest hours,
I can't help but laugh at your silly jokes,
You are my nearest thing to hope,
For your love is my unsinkable ship,
The castle for my moat,
One look still can give me butterflies,
My stomach does a little flip,
You are my long drink of lemonade,
From the sun you are my shade,
You are the spring in my step,
The last dream as I slept,
I cannot capture how I feel,
Though it's my heart you did steal,
Sunrise to sunset,
I have no regret,
You are the one I want to see,
Hour by hour,
Into eternity,
My hair will change into shades of silver,
Yet side by side we will love each other,
I cannot express my deep gratitude,
For the day that you said, "Dena, I love you...."

Monday, June 18, 2007


I decided I needed to reconnect this weekend with the rest and relaxation. I went to my friends pool and tried to do the whole rotation like a hot dog. Unfortunately it was about 100 degrees in Salt Lake on Saturday, so even though I was only outside for a little over an hour I am definitely "lobsterified"! I went home and had to drink tons of water. I used my down time to finally hang up some of our family momento's and I am happy to say our little apartment is no longer just white walls! I'm getting so excited for Rachel and Tracy's visit on Thursday.......double trouble!!!^^

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Memoirs of a beginning golf girl.......

A beautiful sunny Saturday at the driving range in SLC

Christy and I were excited to sharpen our novice driving techniques!

Seriously.....who needs Tiger Woods?

Better not "T" me off!

Elvis doesn't have anything on me!

I love to play golf in the sun,
To me it is rather fun!
I like to hit the ball quite far in the grass,
Watch my club as it flies past,
Over head but not too far,
I can feel the sweat dripping down,
A slurpee craving coming on,
Golfing gives me quite the high,
I watch the sun sinking lower in the sky,
Time to call it a day,
To my friend I say,
"Until next time, eh?"

Monday, June 11, 2007

Let the camping begin!

Steven and I enjoying a smore fest in the mountains^^

Steven and I went camping this weekend. It was just an overnight trip, but we had fun roasting marshmellow's, playing games, and being in the mountains! Hopefully we will continue to explore the mountains that are so close. I look forward to learning how to fly fish, and donning those hip waders. So sweet! Summer is almost here, I have about three weeks left of school, and I just hope I can hang on that long!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The many faces of Koll......

My favorite pic is his infamous "Popeye" look! We had so much fun together! Sunday Shane, Whitney, Koll, and Troy came over for brunch. Then we all headed to our sacrament meeting. Steven had fun getting to know Koll, and making him laugh! I felt spoiled getting to hold him so much!

Koll is such a sweetheart!

I was so happy to see Koll again. He is such a good boy, and I loved spending time with him. I love you Koll!

Hiking with Whit, Koll, and Cody near Sundance Memorial Day Weekend

We got a later start, but it was still very sunny and so we agreed to continue on. Koll was so good the whole time, and we all took turns carrying him. I was impressed with Whitney's strength, she carried Koll uphill almost the entire time! I had fun carrying him on the way down and making up songs but one of my lines, "Walking down the dusty trail..." The only word I could think that rhymed with trail was "ale"! Hopefully Koll won't remember my songs alcoholic references. Bad Auntie!! It was good to see Cody again too, hopefully all of his business ventures will come to fruition soon. He made us a really great Italian style lunch to help us gear up for our journey. After that we joined Shane and Troy at Ray's house and had some pizza and discussed the wonders of non-caffinated mountain dew, (Steven would probably say "that's sacrilage!"). It was a great Saturday, and it was fun to spend time with everyone!

Immigration Canyon on Memorial Day.......

Steven took me on a beautiful drive in Immigration canyon............Gorgeous!

Ok, really cheesy pic of us! We look goofy, but we did have a lot of fun!

We didn't have a lot of time on Memorial Day, since Steven had to work at three, so we went for a drive. Immigration Canyon is where pioneers camped before descending on the Salt Lake Valley. We saw a lot of cool trails we want to explore when we have more time. After that, we had a quick celebratory lunch at our favorite "South Siiide" Mexican joint. It has really great ambiance, and really nummy eats.

Gabriella's Graduation Pics....Better Late Than Never!

I realize these are way late, but what can I say! I'm posting them anyways. So to Gaby....Congrats! I hope that you will find the job of your dreams!