Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Proceed with Caution......

This morning my alarm went off at the usual time 6am, and I rolled over and turned it off. Mistake #1. I fell back asleep and had a dream that I had peed my pants at school and that I was frantically trying to clean up the puddle of urine on my chair. I awoke by a sheer miracle at exactly 7:18, which is about ten minutes before I am supposed to be at school......Mistake #2 rushed out of the house at moch 2 speeds in my trusty silver honda, aka "the bullet" and was making record time when I spotted a motorcycle cop to my left in the shoulder. He radared me, and I could feel myself begin to spontaneously sweat. I tried to slow down and look inconspicuous, but to no avail.....the lights were flashing and I could feel myself begin to panic. I'm really going to be late now. He starts the conversation with the typical cop speak, "do you have any idea how fast you were going?" I honestly didn't, so he explained that I was going 83 in a 65. Which for those of you that have EVER driven in Utah, the flow of traffic is about 80 or people will pass you in the fast lane. So he then asks for my registration, license, and insurance info. I hand him my registration, but then realize that I left my gym bag at the house that has my WA license in it. I switched insurance offices, so I didn't have that either! I explained this to officer SLC, and he said," haven't I pulled you over before? You look really familiar..." I responded to the negative that I haven't ever been pulled over in Utah. He then instructed me to write my birthday down on my registration, and my hands were shaking so bad ( I was really freaked out!) He went back to his bike and proceeded to look me up. After several minutes he came back and said he couldn't find me in the database, could it be under my Maiden name? I replied that that was my maiden name and that it is probably because I have a Washington license! He then sighed and said, "why didn't you say that in the first place?" I replied that it hadn't occurred to me, as I was stressed out. He then reiterated the fact that he was sure he knew me from somewhere, to which I again replied, "I think not!" He was non-plussed and continued back to his motorbike to look me up again. He quickly returned and said, "look I'm going to let you go, just keep your speed down and always carry your ID and insurance information with you!" What a shock I had nothing on me that I was supposed to, but I totally was off the hook. Upon later reflection, I came to the conclusion that "Occifer SLC" was actually hitting on me, but I was too frantic to notice! Besides that I have a "No Cop" dating policy......I ended up getting to work at about 8:10. On a lucky note my principal was out of her office until much later in the afternoon. My day ended up getting progressively worse, but I decided that the proverbial silver lining was that at least I didn't get a ticket on top of everything else! LOL

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Splendorous occasion.....

Portland revisited!

I seem to be resurrecting old foto's, but I haven't heard any complaints, so here are some more great ones!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Way to go Rachel!

I'd just like to give my little sister a shout out from SLC, congratulations on your graduation! You are the bestest sister ever! I love you!

Pirates in Seattle!

I love these pics, I forgot all about them.....

Halloween of '05 in Seattle

I found these pics from a while ago.....enjoy!

Contemplating forever.....

How do we honor those that have gone before us? Do we re-tell stories, or browse old photographs? Once someone has touched your life is it ever the same? I feel that love is the bond that transcends time and death. We owe it to our ancestors and our future posterity to make our lives something exceptional. Life isn't about how much money I make, what car I drive, where I vacation in the summer. Life is made up of many imprints that link us together. The human family is like dominoes forever linked by the patterns of life. Am I striving to constantly honor my family, to show them that I love them every day, or is it more of a once a year gathering at christmas, and phone calls on birthdays? I just hope that my family knows that I value them more than any thing I could ever possess. Love is a powerful emotion, and I just felt like letting you know that I feel lucky to be a part of your lives.

Thursday, June 08, 2006