Friday, December 15, 2006

Summer Adventures.....better late than never!!

I admit I have been pretty busy the last couple of months. So at long last I have finally been able to retrieve my blogger password, which has kept me out of the blogging sphere since my last posting. I hope to post more pics soon, it is just difficult since the loss of my fabulous Canon digital camera. Hint: I really could use another one.....perhaps a great time would be around the month of February....^^ Anyways enjoy all of the foto's I've posted them all! I am currently busy finishing up my last week at school before winter break. I will be staying in Salt Lake City for Christmas, and spending time with Steven and his family. We found our apartment, and I am very excited. It is a four-plex in the sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City. It is completely remodeled so it has new everything!!!! We feel really lucky to have found it! Just one of the many blessings that have come our way recently. I will be moving in on January 1st. Hurray! I will be sure to post pics of it soon. We sign the lease next week. I hope you all will have an enjoyable weekend!!!

The best beaches!


Beautiful Hawaiian Views!

Sea Turtles and Black Sand Beaches!

If you didn't know, I love sea turtles, so Hawaii was awesome!

Waterfalls on the big island....

This gave me Fiji flashbacks! I really do love island life.....

More Hawaii Pics!

Exploring the no parking zones of Hawaii!

We had fun climbing around in volcanic rocks! I love being close to the ocean......

Volcanic sites of Hawaii!

I love Hawaii! It is a very beautiful in Hawaii. We had a lot of fun exploring.....

My favorite place!

I love Disneyland!!

Space Mountain

OK, truly cheesy pics! But I really have so much fun on Space's my favorite ride of all time. I know I'm a baby when it comes to scary rides, but hey....I'm ok with that!

It's a small world

I know it's for little kids, but I really had fun on this ride! It doesn't go upside down, and I really like the music!LOL^^

My new address.....castle in Cali!

This is so much fun! I finally found a place that I would love to live in!!!