Friday, December 30, 2005

Officer #9285

Well it's only 8am but I'm experiencing hot blooded hatred towards officer #9285. While vacationing in Seattle, this friend to the community ticketed my Honda not once but twice for expired registration, when I had my temporary permit in clear view which states I'm legally registered until January 17th of 2006. I wasn't aware that Provo was so desperate for "officers" that they resorted to hiring members of the blind community!!! I mean pays attention to details.........definitely something that officer #9285 can't attach to any sort of resume. When my roommate said the fine might be REDUCED I laughed out loud. REDUCED? I think not! I expect that officer #9285 drop all fines due to his lack of complete regard for my christmas holiday. What a grinch, who gives out tickets on Christmas Eve Eve anyway? But I digress, perhaps poor officer #9285 was born with some sort of impediment that made him completely unable to hold a job, and out of sheer desperation he became a ticketing agent for the beloved city of Provo! But....maybe I am overreacting, wait I know what you are thinking "you...overreact?" I know I know no one in my family overreacts! LOL. Well I have left messages for the parking officers of Provo, and submitted my evidence to their complete farce of a ticket. I'm hoping that none of these guys are ex-boyfriends, or I'm definitely screwed! So here's to hoping that once I'm back in Provo they haven't towed my car!!! Well one can help me but officer #9285 who I have just spent a few moments spewing bad charma in his direction. However I really bare him no ill will. I wish him many happy afternoons behind a desk processing all of the self-created paperwork that he can enjoy for hours on end. Should officer #9285 and I meet on some twist of fate, I hope that I will give him a clean right hook for all provo residents that have suffered the injustice of wrongful parking tickets and ludicrous fines. Stick it to the man!!!

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