Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer in Seattle!

Gaby was very excited to be able to explore Seattle with me this summer, Rachel was a great hostess! You have to go to Ivar's the chowder (smoked salmon) and fish and chips is pretty amazing. Just keep an eye out for overweight seagulls!


Rachel said...

Please email me all you and Gaby's pictures!!! I just sent the disk in the mail for you... you should be getting it no later than Thursday I'm sure. :) I didn't take a lot of people shots with us, I think that those were mostly taken by you and Gab, so you must send them to me!!! THanks!

FishHead said...

I just noticed that you've deleted alot of old posts here. Not trying to hide anything I hope. :) Let no one ever call you inept.