Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm alive!

Just an FYI. I am alive. I have just been really busy!!! My camera got stolen in HB, when I went to Cali, but I will post the pictures that I managed to save onto my computer. I am loving life teaching 6th grade and I look forward to going off track in November! I plan on seeing Shane, Whitney and Koll over Thanksgiving. I am swamped at work, as I HAVE to finish my report cards by tomorrow, and I haven't even started! YIKES........Well besides multiple incidents of bullying in my class room, I am the student government advisor which is more work that I hadn't anticipated. This year work has been very involved. I plan on trying to blog on Sundays. It's good to have goals right? But since I don't have a digital camera, I'm afraid you will all have to wait for current pics of my life!


Rachel said...

Yay!! I don't need pics. I just like the updates! Love you!!

whit said...

Dena, we are very excited to see you and rachel over Thanksgiving!