Monday, April 03, 2006

A series of rather unfortunate events

Well I decided to go snowboarding a second time. I had a lot of fun for the first part of the day, but I decided to make one last run, before leaving the resort. So I was learning how to turn from my friend and well I was going really fast and lost control of my board. For those of you that know me well, you can easily imagine the turn of events. All of the sudden I felt myself falling backwards. My head thudded on the icy slope and all of my weight landed on my wright wrist. Truthfully I was a little stunned, and I realized that perhaps something was a little wrong with my wrist. When my snowboarding instructor pulled off my glove I held back explicatives that came to mind, (after all this is a family resort!). It hurt pretty bad, but since I have no experience with bodily injury I thought it could be a sprain. My instructor boarded down the slope to get the ski patrol medic to look at it. I am proud to mention dear reader, that no tears were shed! I informed the medic that since it was only my wrist could I ride on the back of the snowmobile other than laying down on the dorky sled attached? He agreed that I could salvage my remaining pride, and offered me a lift down the mountain. I used some snow as an ice pack and met my friends at the lodge. We proceeded to go to the car, and I even managed to carry my board. We debated going to Cafe Rio for dinner, but I decided maybe we should get my wrist checked in the off chance that it wasn't a sprain. We arrived at the IHC urgent care, and at this point I was just trying to relax and listen to my ipod nano. The dr. on staff that weekend was "Dr. Pepper" he took one look at my wrist and said"hmmm I don't like the look of this." So I ended up getting x rays. Which you will find on the blog for your benefit. Upon examining them further he told me that he didn't recommend going to any parties that night. He called the local hospital and had the orthopedic surgeon paiged and we headed to the ER for a little weekend fun. I ended up having to wait for surgery, becuase my surgeon didn't want to miss the super bowl. So by Tuesday I was more than ready to get it over with. I am now fully equipped with two bars and eight screws. Hopefully when I fly out of Salt Lake on Friday I wont set off any metal detectors. I will continue my story a little later.......

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