Monday, April 17, 2006

What's the score again?

Dating you either love it or hate it! At this point in my life I have to say the scene is getting to be pretty lame. I'm sick of all the drama. Whatever happened to honesty? I have come to the conclusion that as time goes by my understanding of the male species is getting more and more confused! Over my birthday week I had come to the conclusion that "Rob" was blowing me off, because he didn't call me on my birthday. It turned out to be fine he called me on Friday and we talked. Tod thought the convo was pretty funny as he repeated himself at least a zillion times. But let's fast forward to Easter Sunday. He told me to give him a call on Easter, but I decided text messaging is a girl's best friend (most of the time!). So I just sent off a text that said Happy easter, yada, yada, yada. He doesn't respond until he gives me a call on my cell at about 11:30. I was in bed awake, and not able to sleep due to my overly sensitive female I pick up the phone and he talks to me for about five minutes and then drops the " well you haven't really even been in Salt Lake to settle in yet!" "You'll have to give me a call and let me know how things are going!" WOW. Well I suppose in retrospect it isn't as bad as "keep in touch" but close, right? I decided that maybe he is just clueless about how to talk to a girl on the phone. So, since I will be in Provo on Wednesday night to see Troy, and pick up some mail; I left him a voicemail this morning (Monday) to let him know that I would be around on Wednesday night. The real question weighing on my mind is.....a. Is he blowing me off? b. Is he just one of those guys that hates talking on the phone? c. Has he made a new addition to his 18-23 year old fan club? or d. ALL OF THE ABOVE? I guess that's the disadvantage of growing impatient, I'm no longer in the mood to waste time on something that isn't going to go anywhere. On the other hand he is a good guy, I thought before that he did like me, but now I'm second guessing myself. What's a girl to do??? Well I guess I'm at the mercy of my cell for now, if he wants to blow me consolation is that at least I will know by Wednesday what the latest is. Don't worry for now I will follow 2 Pac's advice and keep my head up. I'll keep on keep'n on! ^^

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