Sunday, April 01, 2007

Horseback riding in the vast jungle of Cancun!

Horseback riding to me is always a double edged sword. While I really have always enjoyed horseback riding, I don't understand why such establishments only allow the riders to experience the ride with an elderly horse who is allowed to keep working in it's twilight years vs. the glue factory? I feel guilty that I am even riding it, when it should be basking in a green pasture munching on delicious cool apples. Why are young horses kept from eager riders who enjoy a good gallop? The highlight of this day was definitely racing in the arena. You will have to ask Estaban who won that......^^


Rachel said...

hehe... Dena, you are so cute. Don't worry Esteban, it's okay to lose to a girl... it's sweet, really. :)

steve said...

I let her win. Its newlywed 101.