Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Fox!

We hope you have a wonderful 3rd birthday! Here is a special birthday poem just for you.....

The birthday march has begun,
Big grey elephants play the saxaphone,
Silly pink hippo's start to hop,
Lions dancing non-stop,
Green alligators bring up the rear,
The baby tiger starts to cheer,
Together they shout, "Fox is three this year!"
The band of chimps strike up a tune,
A trio of parrots start to sing, "Happy birthday to you!"
It's time for the parade to make it's last stop,
"Here we are at the house of Fox!"
Purple Kangaroo presents a gift,
Three kisses from panda,
Giraffe stutters, "Make a special wish!"
So blow out your candles,
1, 2, 3........
Happy Birthday little Fox,
To you from me!

Love Always,

Auntie Dena & Uncle Steven


yoohoo said...

I'm going to be honest this poem is pretty good. happy birthday to fox

Rachel said...

Yeah, I agree. I really like this one Dena! Happy birthday to Fox too! I get to see him on Sunday! woo hoo!!! :)

grammy said...

YOU can quit your day job and make books of poems!!!!! Hope Fox is having a fabulous birthday!!!!

BooBah said...

i like it auntie dena