Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I dedicate this post to my neice Kaya, who is celebrating her 9th birthday today! On Princess Aurora's birthday, all the magical fairies came far and wide to bless her with gifts. In case you didn't know magic still exists, and so even though we are far away, the moment you turned nine these are the gifts we wish to give you on your very special 9th birthday:

Nine hugs and kisses just for you,
Nine candles for wishes waiting to come true,
Nine smiles to keep in your pocket when yours is lost,
Nine compliments free of cost,
Nine happy thoughts when you could use a friend,
Nine lucky coins at every rainbows end,
Nine pinches of stardust to help your dreams to fly,
Nine gentle breezes to lift your spirits high,
Nine giggles to make you laugh out loud,
Nine compasses so that you won't get lost in the crowd,
Nine rays of sunshine to keep you warm,
Nine prayers that you never come to harm,
Nine whispers in your ear to tell you how much you are loved,
Nine moonbeams to watch over you from up above.

Happy Birthday Kaya!
With all our Love,
Auntie Dena & Uncle Steven


grammy & Kaya said...

I liked seeing my picture on your blog and the poem was really cool how it all rhymed. We watched Annie today during our rain storm and I loved it (so did Liz). Thank you so much Auntie Dena and Uncle Steven!!!!!!Get well soon.

Rachel said...

Like it. Keep up the good work. You should write for a living. Why not? Like Miss Potter! You should see that movie if you haven't already. It's great!