Monday, April 28, 2008

Noah's Baby Blessing

Matt is practicing his skills and proves himself a definite contender to babysit Noah soon!

We were so proud of our "little man" looking dapper on his special day!

Noah is sporting his mini tuxedo, who would have thought being cute is so easy?

Look Grammy, I have tails and everything! Red carpet here I come!

I am thinking about all of the wonderful family and friends that made today special!

Noah had fun getting to know his Uncle Shane, Aunt Whitney, and Grammy

Noah Wendell White was blessed on Sunday April 20th 2008 by his daddy Steven Ivan White. We are grateful that all of daddy's family was able to come as well as mommy's mom, and Shane and his family all the way from Reno. Super Trooper award goes to Aunt Whitney who traveled in the car for 8 hours being very prego with her baby girl! We all enjoyed getting together after Noah's blessing at Grandma and Grandpa White's house. We loved the yummy food, and it was fun to see all of Noah's cousins, Aunts and Uncles! Auntie Liz proclaimed herself the new and upcoming babysitter for future events. All the of our nieces and nephews took turns holding little Noah, and it was fun to watch these future baby sitters in action! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa White for being such great hosts to celebrate the blessing and birth of our little Noah. We love you guys! Noah was sad to see his Grammy go home, she definitely spoiled him with her "Grammy Shuffle" it really is hard to replicate!


Anonymous said...


CONGRATULATIONS! I have thought a lot about you lately and your new-comer. I lost my cell phone a couple of months ago and have yet to replace it! Isn't that ridiculous? Can you imagine living without a cell phone? So the problem came to knowing how to call you since I don't have your number in my phone. Sorry for not making it to your baby shower. I think I missed everything I was supposed to be at that week.
I just wanted to send my congrats and let you know that I would love to see your little one some time.
Natalie (your Fiji co-conspirer)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great post, Dena. Those are some good pictures!!