Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Way to go Steven!!! Graduate '08

Congratulations Steven! Today Steven graduates with his bachelor's degree in Health Education. He feels that this is no accomplishment since he has been going to school since he was 21. So Steven this ode is for you from me.......^^

Today you finally graduate,
I feel that this must be fate,
You should feel extra great!

Putting on your cap and gown,
With friends and family all around,
Your tassle shiny and new,
Ready to change sides,
Experience something true,

Working full time,
Fitting in school work too,
You deserve to be honored for all that you do!

You are the bestest husby,
Sweet new Dadddy too,
Today is your day,
This toast is for you!

May every path lead you towards a pot of shiny gold,
Each new challenge easily conquered as your journey unfolds,
Time become a gentle visitor not often droppin in,
May each adventure bring a smile to your lips,
Visions of love reflect in the eyes of your new son,
Hugs always heartfelt from those that matter most,
And know that you will always be my hero, a treasured best friend,
So here's to Estaban Blanco graduate,
A prosperous end!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!Great Job Steven. We're proud of you!!
Pam & Dan

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I actually pulled off the 15 year plan in 13 years. I'm very excited.