Wednesday, May 07, 2008

All dressed up!

I got to dress like my daddy for Uncle Mike's Wedding!

I promise that I'm a happy boy....does this sweater vest make me look fat?

It's tiring to look this cute all of the time!

Mommy got me ready fo go to Uncle Mike's wedding. It was high up in the Millcreek Canyon. Everyone loved my outfit, and I got passed around alot......I enjoyed getting super star treatment. We had to leave the wedding early because Daddy's elbow was swollen and it hurt him alot! I was looking forward to my first taste of wedding cake.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, he looks more like Steven every day!!!!Grammy

Gabby said...

Wow! You guys have been busy little bees! Wedding, blessing, graduation, swollen elbows...

Congrats on the graduation and blessing. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! And just for the record.....I've never once sported a sweater vest! But i'll admit the little guy can pull it off nicely. I'm so proud.

And I'd like to officially announce that my wheels are falling off and I'm breakin down.

This week has consisted of 4 ER visits, 2 IVs, 1 central line, 5 different antibiotics (7 doses of IV antibiotics), 2 different steroids,6 hours of vomiting, and finally, a near anaphalactic reaction today to antibiotic #6 (during my first day back to work)....which required healthy doses of benadryl, pepcid, hydroxyzine, and prednisone to relieve the head to toe hives and tightness in my chest. All caused by a little bitty scrape on my elbow.

Pity party at my place and you're all invited.


Tracy said...

Dang Dena! He is so cute!!

Dena said...

Thanks Tres! Afton is pretty adorable herself!