Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bursitis VS. Estaban Blanco

On Thursday, Steven's elbow was red and swollen. He didn't think much of it at first, but decided to go into the E.R. They determined that he had bursitis. Apparently the PA gave him a normal antibiotic, but it really didn't help. We ended up leaving Mike's wedding early. This time once again the Dr. perscribed an antibiotic, but it was a very strong perscription. Unfortunately, yesterday his elbow's redness and swelling continued to spread up his arm. So not only was he in pain, but he also was experiencing flu like symptoms. So this morning he went to the hospital again, because the antibiotics aren't giving him much needed relief. Please keep him in your prayers, that his pain and swelling will lessen. I hope he will call with good news, and not the news that they have to drain his elbow. We love you guys and hope you are having an enjoyable Sabbath day!

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Anonymous said...

steven, so sorry your elbow is giving you so much pain and trouble. hope it gets better soon!!!