Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!

I love playing with my birthday balloons!

Beep Beep! Look mommy, my very first car!

Look Allie! My blue ball is almost as big as me!

I loved opening all my fun presents! Thanks Matt and Abby!

Wow! What a cool tool box! Thanks Jackson and Baylee!

I love being one! I get to open all of these presents and play with my cousins. Even though I'm not that old, I know how to party!! Now that I'm one I weigh 18 pounds 3 ounces, I'm 29 inches tall, and my head is about 45 centimeters around. I love looking at board books, and dancing with my mommy to the elmo song. On a nice day I like to swing in my rocket ship that hangs from a tree in the backyard. I love going to the pet store and looking at all of the animals. Puppies are my favorite, and we bark at each other! I can make mommy laugh by hissing like a snake and smiling. I still love to giggle and go really fast in my walker outside on the sidewalk. I'm pretty brave like Daddy, I'm not even afraid of the dark! I love to give everyone kisses with my mouth open, and when mommy dips me when we are dancing I laugh really hard! I miss my Grammy Pammy, she is the best! I hope I can see Mommy's family in Washington soon.......I love being one!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the new pictures!!What a cutey. Squeezes :) Grammy

Anonymous said...

what a handsome 1 year old, congratulations-tr

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