Thursday, March 26, 2009

Noah is finally sleeping through the night!

Refreshed? What? Energy? Never thought those words would describe me! Hurray! Sleep is now a great thing. Noah is sleeping through the night. My pediatrician told me to buy Steven ear plugs and tough it out. Previously, I would get up as soon as I heard Noah give a peep. Steven leaves for work around 5:30 a.m. So I worried that Noah would wake him up. But since the pediatrician gave me the green light, I decided to give it my best shot. Noah cried the first night for about an hour, but after that he would only cry for a couple of minutes. Halleluja! Now Noah doesn't wake up crying at all, and I have only been doing "Operation Nite-Nite" for four days. Seriously.......I wish I would have tried this approach when he was 3-6 months old. Yikes! I guess what everyone says is true, babies definitely don't come with a manual and yes I have to learn everything the hard way!!
**pronouns have been changed to please the reading public.........^^

***And yes this blurb is describing "Noah Woah"....not his daddy! Just clarifying for my favorite reader "tr" (I look forward to more comments!)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Dena. I'm glad that is working and that everyone will start getting some rest!!!!Love you all :)Grammy

Tracy said...

Yay!!! Sleep is a wonderful thing!! I'm really excited for you! Hey, can you call me on my home phone. Afton turned my phone off and I haven't found it yet. Grrr!! Anyways, I need to program your phone into my house phone. Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Steven cried the first night for about an hour, but after that he would only cry for a couple of minutes, i dont get it?-tr

Deenie Beenie said...

C'mon Toddy, you and I both know that Steven can sleep through the night:) Noah is now following his example and is sleeping through the night, despite the fact that he is getting to "major" molars. OUCH!

Anonymous said...


Not sure if you remember me or not, (Tana Majeroni)but we hung out back in the Auburn YSA ward. I think you were my visiting teacher after I got home from my mission. My favorite memory with you was going to Ocean Shores and riding horses on the beach and getting yelled at because our horses were going too fast.
I was looking through my old address book and tried to find you on facebook. I found your brother Tod who gave me the link to your blog. Give me your email address or something so we can get back in touch.
I actually have a son named Noah too. Funny! My email is and I am also on facebook under Tana Majeroni Stover. I actually married someone from our YSA ward. Hope all is well!

Karen said...

I think leaving your poor little baby to cry for an hour is horrible.

well, at least he knows now you're not really there for him.

geeze, you're the adult, he's a baby. come on, what is it a year or two out of your life???