Tuesday, March 03, 2009

White Family Update!

I'm just hanging out! I love my bear Sunny, he's the coolest!

Why am I so happy? I'm turning one on Saturday!!

Hurray!! I'm going to be one soon!

Noah took his first three steps yesterday! He loves to go with Mama to the library to check out muppet movies and lots of board books. His favorite thing to do is sit down on the carpet and look at his farm animal flap book. We like to play hide and go seek. Yesterday he ate ravioli all by himself. It was very messy, but fun! Hurray!! Steven is still working full time at the University of Utah Emergency Room, and is anticipating the start of PA school in May at the University of Utah. He loves to spend his free time fly fishing. I am going to start subbing for the Salt Lake City school district a couple days of week. I have fun taking Noah for walks to the Bountiful temple, such amazing views! Time has really flown by, I can't believe that Noah will be turning one on Saturday!!! We are planning on having a party with Steven's family. I will be attempting to make Noah a teddy bear cake, because his favorite toy is his teddy bear Sunny. Hopefully his birthday will be fun for everyone! I hope that everyone has a great week!


Anonymous said...

Such a happy cute boy. Give him birthday hugs from Grammy. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Grammy :)