Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hiking with Whit, Koll, and Cody near Sundance Memorial Day Weekend

We got a later start, but it was still very sunny and so we agreed to continue on. Koll was so good the whole time, and we all took turns carrying him. I was impressed with Whitney's strength, she carried Koll uphill almost the entire time! I had fun carrying him on the way down and making up songs but one of my lines, "Walking down the dusty trail..." The only word I could think that rhymed with trail was "ale"! Hopefully Koll won't remember my songs alcoholic references. Bad Auntie!! It was good to see Cody again too, hopefully all of his business ventures will come to fruition soon. He made us a really great Italian style lunch to help us gear up for our journey. After that we joined Shane and Troy at Ray's house and had some pizza and discussed the wonders of non-caffinated mountain dew, (Steven would probably say "that's sacrilage!"). It was a great Saturday, and it was fun to spend time with everyone!


Rachel said...

Great pics Beanie! Looks like you had a ton of fun!

whit said...

Thanks for posting about our trip. We had fun hanging out with you guys. Thanks for the yummy breakfast!