Thursday, June 14, 2007

Memoirs of a beginning golf girl.......

A beautiful sunny Saturday at the driving range in SLC

Christy and I were excited to sharpen our novice driving techniques!

Seriously.....who needs Tiger Woods?

Better not "T" me off!

Elvis doesn't have anything on me!

I love to play golf in the sun,
To me it is rather fun!
I like to hit the ball quite far in the grass,
Watch my club as it flies past,
Over head but not too far,
I can feel the sweat dripping down,
A slurpee craving coming on,
Golfing gives me quite the high,
I watch the sun sinking lower in the sky,
Time to call it a day,
To my friend I say,
"Until next time, eh?"

1 comment:

IsolaBella said...

SWEET PICS D! are quite the poetic pro...and you golf too, wow, steve is one lucky dawg! When is next time, eh?