Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What is happiness?

I woke up this morning rather early to call in to get my subbing straightened out. So now I can't fall back asleep! I sit and contemplate the meaning of happiness with the following thoughts:

What is happiness?
Is it the bliss of Steven's good morning kiss?
I have seen it in a newborn's face,
I can feel it's warmth from the sun's reflective gaze,
I feel it when I kneel to pray,
I have heard it in my sister's voice,
Some say they can find it in something tangible,
Like a trendy purse, or a pair of vintage converse,
I haven't found fulfillment in material things,
I suppose I am a simple girl,
I find joy in the blue sky,
Feeling the wind on my face,
Seeing a gorgeous sunset.....painted it seems just for me,
The taste of a cream-sicle on a warm summer day,
I find I could wake up every morning with a smile on my lips,
With the love of my family, my God, and good friends,
I guess I will feel fulfillment if I have been grateful for everything I have been given,
It's not so much living day to day,
But trying to share your love with those that need it most,
I know it's crazy to think that happiness is a simple recipe,
I'm just a simple girl,
I know I will always be,
One who is grateful for the ocean's majesty,
I look at my memories as pearls in my minds treasure chest,
I know that happiness is within everyone's grasp,
It comes from reaching out,
Lending a listening ear,
Trying to step outside of selfishness,
Quieting the voices that say "It can't be done",
Always pushing myself to be a little better,
So that in the quiet moments as I reflect,
I realize that happiness can truly abound,
If love is found.


mommy said...

dena what a nice reflection and beautiful thoughts to start out the day with. If we could all do that each day, the world would be a better place.

Rachel said...

Ah Dena, I got near tears. Very beautiful. I love you.