Sunday, May 20, 2007


Well this weekend Steven took me to a driving range to learn how to hit the ball great distances! At first it felt really strange and my wrists were sore from yoga balancing, then he explained that I use my torso to power through my shot. "ah ha!" I thought to myself. Hip action is definitely something I can relate to. Probably because mom listened to lots of Elvis when she was pregnant! So it turns out I might take after Grammy Jo and become a golfing fiend. Once I was able to do the hippy shake, and keep my eye on the ball I was able to hit the ball about 100-150 yards. I think it's funny....because I'm forever telling Steven that I'm the only non-athlete of the fam. Next weekend my friends and I are going to go to a driving range and work on our putting and driving so that we can try a real golf course soon. I do think I want my own set of clubs and gloves though, my delicate little hands acquired blisters from my brief stint on Friday night. I loved it! I really thought about my Grammy Jo and how much she loved to be in the sunshine golfing! This ones for you Grammy Jo!


Rachel said...

woo hoo!! Get it Dena! Hip action... haha, you got me on that one... I just love laughing. :) You can teach me how when I come to visit! I've never been to a driving range before!! LOVE YOU!

Gaby said...

Hips don't lie Dena, you're a natural.