Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Experiencing the joys of teaching!

This could be any of my adorable pre-teens in my sixth grade class. It takes a special person to be a sixth grade "lifer"!

Today we had an earthquake drill. My response to such a situation was surprising. As I am sitting underneath my desk covering my head I thought to myself, "Ahhh, it is so cool and peaceful under my desk, too bad we can't have more of these!" I really do love teaching but I have a couple of students today that almost got me to lose it and say something I would definitely regret. I think that most teacher's develop "think time" in other classrooms when it could be more appropriately "You better go to another classroom while all of your body parts are still properly attached!" Not that I am a violent person by nature, but some of these sixth graders really no how to push my buttons! Good thing I have yoga tonight!!^^


Anonymous said...

Stay strong beautiful! Only five more weeks. I love you!


Rachel said...

Oh Beanie, you are the best! You can do it!!!!

Deenie Beenie said...

No worries, just venting really.......but thanks guys! I will survive and have happy thoughts of sweet little third graders that don't have a permanent scowl yet!