Friday, May 25, 2007

Memoirs of an insomniac...........

It's getting late,
For my bed I will wait,
Sitting comfy on my couch,
In Steven's hoody I slouch,
My eyes feel heavy and scratchy,
Yet I feel torn,
Should I stay up and finish a flick?
Or should I snuggle up in my bed,
Staring at the walls...books unread,
I suppose I could count sheep instead,
I need a late night hobby,
Something to quiet my mind,
No more thinking about my to do list,
I should close my eyes and dream,
Can't stop the wheels that turn,
Perhaps it is time to adjourn,
I will embrace my comfy bed,
I guess I could lay down my head,
I can cuddle with "Cookie" my favorite bear,
Maybe I can be like Shane and twirl my hair, that's defnitely it,
A cup of hot chocolate could be the ticket,
Soothing and sweet marshmellowy treat,
Call Steven at work and wish him good night,
I settle back in my covers with a slow smile,
Time to turn out the light.

1 comment:

Trace said...

Ok, so you definitely are more creative in this blog thing and can think more clearly late at night!

I can't wait to see you!! 3 more weeks!!