Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day Mamacita!

This post is dedicated to my mamacita:

When I was just a young girl,
I always looked up to you,
To me you were everything that I wanted to be,
You had the voice of an angel,
A smile that lit up a room,
Your impersonations and funny jokes,
They would make me giggle and laugh,
You taught me to work hard by example,
Mowing lawns and hauling wood,
Not the typical woman,
Cause my mamacita always forged her own path,
Never afraid to try something new,
Her fiery spirit never broken,
Always willing to forgive,
Teaching us kindness and how to live,
Never expecting much in return,
Just hoping that her children could find happiness,
I know because of her my life is truly blessed,
Sometimes I didn't understand why you had to face,
So much adversity, struggle, and pain,
I realize now your quiet strength,
Choosing love when it is so easy to hate,
Your sacrifices seem to go unnoticed,
But they are written on my heart,
You are my mother,
Someone I will always look up to,
My hero and friend,
Even though I no longer live in a room down the hall,
I feel close to you,
I love your unconquerable spirit,
I am thankful for the gifts you have given me,
I hope I can live my life in such a way,
That will show you that your teachings didn't miss their mark,
I will carry that same spark to my own family one day,
You will always have a special place in my heart,
Saying I love you doesn't seem to express,
All that I want to say,
Even though it seems cliche,
I'll say it anyway,
Happy Mothers Day!

Ps. Of course I realize that this comes one day early, but really we should be celebrating mother's day all year long, right?^^

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mommy said...

Dena, I'm the lucky one!!!!Thank you so much for the beautiful words. What a wonderful daughter you are.